November 2021 Advent Printable

Your freebie for this month is an Advent printable! I designed it last year for a dear friend of mine who had a particularly hard time during the pandemic. She was looking forward to a more hopeful year after so much darkness. And, she had it right. Her hope wasn't in January 1st for a fresh new start. Her hope was in Jesus coming to us in Christmas. The hope that does not disappoint is what she had in her heart and it is exactly what Advent is all about. I got hers printed at Costco and she had it on her mantle!


October 2021 Wall Art 

I hand lettered and painted this quote from Ecclesiastes 3 to remind myself to be patient with my current season of life and to be more intentional in hearing God's voice in the present moment as opposed to rushing to the next thing. Needless to say, it hangs prominently in our mantle. I printed a 16x20 through Costco and used the 20x24 Target poster frame.


September 2021 Prayer Card

Available in English
Disponible en Español


During my last pregnancy last summer, I had a very hard time sleeping due to anxiety with the pandemic, social isolation, uncertainty... you name it. I have had the Sleeping Statue of St. Joseph for a few years now, but never really prayed to him at night.


Well, the time had come to ask for St. Joseph's intercession for a restful sleep and for calm to my anxiety and, boy, did he come through for me (hehe)!


I created this prayer card for my mom for her birthday, because she had trouble sleeping and I wanted to share it with you. I digitally hand painted the icon earlier this year as I meditated on St. Joseph and the trust he had to have every time he went to sleep amidst a lot of confusion and uncertainty.


I didn't compose the prayer as I like to pray with the Church as much as possible. This prayer is the most popular in our Church for Sleeping St. Joseph.


May this prayer strengthen your trust and aid you in a restful sleep!


Have you heard of the statue of Sleeping St. Joseph and the devotion Pope Francis has popularized? If not, read more here!



sleeping st. joseph

Download (english & español)

August 2021 Wallpaper

I was inspired to letter this quote after feeling unsettled for weeks about many things.


I heard the second reading at Mass and I knew I needed a beautiful reminder every time I opened my phone.


Please know that all smartphone models and brands have different screen dimensions and resolutions. I try to make an effort to make these wallpapers to fit most smartphones. You may have to adjust them a little bit on your settings. Because it is time consuming, I'm not able to offer these images in all smartphone dimensions and resolutions.
Thank you for your understanding!