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Getting Distracted during Prayer?

"If He wanted us to pray like angels, He would've made us angels!"

--Fr. Boniface Hicks, OSB

But He made us humans instead. He made us in His image. He knows our nature. Instead of judging your prayer time by your distractions, let Him in your distractions. Invite Him in... Tomorrow, very early in the morning I have a Holy Hour. Our youngest was in the ER all Sunday night. Our home has been a revolving door of illnesses. Work doesn't stop. Household chores don't stop. Family schedules don't stop. Taxes don't stop. School commitments and volunteering don't stop. I'm exhausted. My husband is exhausted. We're physically and emotionally drained...

So, guess what... I can guarantee you that my Holy Hour will go something like this:

I'll be worried and anxious about my kids' health and all my obligations more than half of the time and forget that Lord is literally right there in front of me...

But I receive comfort that He knows my heart:

Lord, I'm here. You know I love you. But I'm worried about my children. I'm concerned about their health. That's where my mind and my heart are going first right now even though you're here fully present with me. I'm worried that my to-do list is only getting longer by the minute and that I won't have enough hours in the day. You know that it's not that I'm ignoring you. I'm just really exhausted and half awake. Your disciples fell asleep even in the midst of you being transfigured in front of them...

Lack of sleep is real. Exhaustion is real. Be with me in my exhaustion. Be with me in my tired soul. I love you. Please unite my distractions with all the distractions of my brothers and sisters around the world who are suffering severe anxiety and deep need. I don't know who they are and may never meet them. But I know you love them as much as you love me.