Jan 2021 Lettering Challenge

Welcome friends!

If you've been wanting to learn something new while improving your spiritual life, you've come to the right place. We started our lettering challenge on January 18th, but it's never too late to learn. The workbook can be used at your own pace! This is a 21-day journey to learning lettering and imprinting the Sacred Word into our hearts.


  1. Purchase our Sacred Lettering Printable Workbook (it's 50% off during pandemic restrictions!)
  2. Purchase the supplies you'll need for our challenge (see the videos below!)
  3. Listen to Jules' Mystery Through Manners Podcast on praying and doodling and lettering (featuring yours truly among other amazing women!)
  4. Pray over and choose a Scripture verse that you want to memorize for this year, or that means a lot to your family, or that you'd like to focus on in your prayer life.
  5. Check out my social media platforms on Instagram and Facebook for more inspiration and tips!


If you've purchased your supplies, chosen your Scripture verse, listened to the podcast, and are ready to go, feel free to watch these videos below!