I'm taking a break.
A much needed break.
The past two years have been incredible:
✨we welcomed our fifth baby (but during a pandemic) and
✨we've had record sales (but with many supply chain issues and labor shortages trying to fulfill your orders behind the scenes)
🙏To be able to create things that come from my prayer life and that people want to pay their hard-earned dollars on them is a dream and I don't take for granted your support. I feel incredibly blessed! People have even used some of my designs as tattoos! It's very humbling.
😞It has been a tough time for everyone, these past two years, really. For us, running a business while still remaining a family of seven with many commitments and obligations (and fun too!) adds a thick layer of exhaustion... so, I'm ready for a break...
🎄During Advent and Christmas, I really reflected on the gift of TIME. That's all I wanted for Christmas, seriously.  Time. And I feel that's where the Lord wants me to be: with more time.
🚨So, I'm closing the shop by the end of the month (Jan 31) or when all the remaining stock is gone. I'll share more details in the following days via email and social media.
🚨I may reopen in a few months or a year or may not be back at all. I just don't know yet and I'm OK with that. But even if I reopen, it won't be with the same items, for sure.
😊I'll still be on social media from time to time doing lettering and sharing reflections and see where the Spirit leads.
🙏THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all your support and kind words about my designs!