Catholic Printable Lettering Workbook

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    Catholic Printable Letttering Workbook

    They say it takes 21 days to build a habit, which is why I created this lettering workbook to build the habit of lettering into our prayer lives.

    This 21-day lettering workbook is meant to expose you to the basic skills required in modern calligraphy. This is different from other lettering worksheets in that our goal is to pray and meditate on sacred words while we learn lettering.

    Instead of getting frustrated during the learning process tracing worksheets and what seems to be mindless calligraphy drills, we will consider the process itself a prayer from start to finish. Instead of a struggle, learning lettering will become a time to meditate on the Word from scriptures and our Sacred Tradition.

    This page contains some videos that show the overview of the workbook and recommended pens!

    The workbook contains two tracks: 

    1) Faux calligraphy, perfect for beginners and a shortcut to the real thing while still getting beautiful results

    2) Regular modern calligraphy for those who want to jump to the real thing or have already previous experience with lettering.

    Your purchase is an INSTANT DOWNLOAD containing a ZIP file with the following:

    • A PDF of the entire workbook (over 45 pages!)
    (including introduction, regular calligraphy worksheets, and faux calligraphy worksheets)
    • PDF of Introduction only (includes tips, materials needed, and more!)
    • PDF of regular calligraphy worksheets ONLY
    • PDF of faux calligraphy worksheets ONLY

    ***Please note that no physical product will be shipped to you! This is a listing for a digital download.***

    Follow #21daysofsacredlettering on Instagram to see lettering examples and what others are doing!


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    catholic printable lettering workbook contents