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    "Lost Wonder": A design inspired by the January 2019 March for Life and featured on EWTN in 2023:

    For the blocks that won’t get stacked
    For the first footsteps that won’t be taken
    For the Legos that won’t be built 
    For the sun and its warmth that won’t be felt
    For the swings that won’t swing
    For the toy trains and trucks that won’t get pushed
    For the clear night skies that won’t be contemplated
    For the excavators and garbage trucks that won’t be marveled at
    For all these things and experiences and more...
    that only the wonder of a child
    can give their full meaning and direct the course of their entire lives and of all those around them...
    but are instead taken away...
    we march, we declare the truth of life in the womb, and we beg for mercy.

    Original design: Hand lettered and illustrated in chalk by Katerina Deem

    Please note that colors may differ on final print from your device screen

    Product Details

    • Acid-free paper
    • 100% cotton
    • Paper weight: 250 gsm
    🇺🇸 Made in the USA
    ♻️ Our paper is 100% fiber made from cotton linters, which are considered "recovered fibers" by the EPA. Our paper is made of materials that would have otherwise become waste.

    Care Instructions

    • For maximum print life, display prints under glass or plastic.

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    Pro-Life Print - Little Way Design Co.
    Pro-Life Print - Little Way Design Co.
    Pro-Life Print - Little Way Design Co.